Friday, September 26, 2008

iPhone does everything ! : Application can read your OBD-II !

Although this isn't a technology blog , but the iPhone has made us interested about its capabilities . We saw the "Dynolicious" application giving more accurate acceleration numbers than a 150$ G-Tech device . And the best thing was , it didn't use any cords . But this new application does use a port .

It's called REV from Devtoaster . It make your iPhone connect to the car's ECU from the OBD-II port , and then you can read tons of information such as : Vehicle Speed , RPM , Fuel Consumption , Engine Coolant Temperature , Fuel Pressure , G-force acceleration and braking and Throttle Position . But what's best for me , that it has a GPS track . What it does , after running in a certain lap for 1 time , it saves the track , so when you head to the same track again , it gives you a map of the track and the best speeds for each corner . Now that's some technology .

And the best bit , it's free ! all you need is a OBD-II WLAN device which will connect to the iPhone . It's about 40$ . So would you go to the shop that sells the ECU Control Device for 200$ , or get this free application?

Source : [Devtoaster]


Eric said...

Hardware is coming soon:

The developers at Devtoaster have given us another tid-pit of information regarding their upcoming REV software. They are expecting their OBD-II WiFi hardware sometime in November. As soon as we know a more exact ship date and price we will fill you in!

Eric said...

The hardware is out for this finally, worth a look:

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