Thursday, September 18, 2008

Honda Technology : New safer airbags , lots of cameras

Each automaker spend its time on improving one item what they think is most important . Lamborghini spend their time finding more power from engines , BMW puts new standards in luxury , Mazda style more funky cars . And Honda spend their time on new gadgets . 2 new gadgets are coming in Honda's next line up cars .

1rst is more safety side than gadgetry . It is the world's first i-SRS airbag . From Honda : "the new i-SRS airbag system features a spiral-shaped seam structure and gas release control valve to control airbag deployment and pressure for faster deployment". What this means , that the gas inside the airbag is released depending on the impact . Meaning , the airbag's pressure will protect you most relevant to the collision .

The 2nd gadget is : 4 wide-angle cameras . Two for the mirrors to detect blind spots . Another at the back for parking . And one in the front that extends the driver's line of sight in low-visibility intersections . And all these cameras have space sensors . So finally , the question comes if we can trust these gadgets . Well you know what they say , trust Honda's engineers .

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