Monday, September 29, 2008

Crash ! : KTM X-Bow crashed at the 'Ring !

Ever wondered how bad would it feel to crash a brand new 80,000 $ car at a public racetrack ?
Well , some German amateur driver , went to the 13-mile Nurburgring racetrack , first time out , in a KTM X-Bow . This track-ready racecar only weighs 700 kilos , so it blasts to 60MPH in 3.9 seconds . So he surely got excited , infact too excited . Reports say , that he went too fast for a corner and drifted out , then a couple of wheels flipped , so he and the X-Bow crashed to the wall . Thank god he had some protection , so no major injuries happened to him . But when they saw the car , it was bad news . Its been completely totalled , so it's far from being repaired .

That's a lesson for next time . Never think you can be a race driver first time out !

Source : [The Sun]

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